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August 23, 2020


Input on Online Mass

Thank you very much for the number of you who contacted me with your input.  I am so appreciative both of your wisdom and your willingness to help me on the dilemma.  I have a sense because of your input about next steps.  I think we will continue with the online Mass as we monitor the Colorado statistics on new COVID cases and hospitalizations as well as observing how the opening of schools is going.  Deferring this allows us to revisit the issue in October to gauge where we are.  Again, my sincere thanks for your help!

Information about Religious Education and Sacramental Preparation

Please consult with both the website and the bulletin for information from Sister Sharon regarding this year’s Religious Education and Sacramental Preparation classes.  Registration can be done online.

Thank you for your ongoing financial support

We are grateful for those who have been so faithful in mailing in their offertory donations, those who continue to contribute online and those who contribute in the pews!  Keep it up!


WEEKLY UPDATES FROM FR. MARTY – week of Aug 16, 2020


As you have probably heard, the Cash and Prize Raffles were very successful.  Thanks to all who helped make them such a success.  The profit for the Cash Raffle was $26 thousand and the profit for the Prize Raffle was $4 thousand.

Looking for some feedback!  We have been doing online (You Tube) Masses since Easter because of stay at home or restrictions from both the Governor and the Archdiocese. In addition to the restricted number of allowed attending, masks, social distancing, the Archbishop has also given a general dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays.  The dispensation is still in place and will remain until further notice.

Gradually more people are attending Mass “in person” and the number of viewers online continues to be high (generally around 150).  Our collections (we’re saved by online giving) are lower by about 1/3 (33%).   Our concern for safety and comfort of our parishioners is necessary and so is the need to be together as a community of faith.

I have asked the staff for their input on discontinuing the online Masses and returning to “in person” Masses.  I would like your input as well.  Please feel free to offer your thoughts through our website, Flocknotes, or email:

Thanks for your help.  Peace—Fr. Marty


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Father Marty


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